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Hacienda (Grape Road)

Hacienda (Grape Road)

5836 GRAPE

Cuisines: Catering, Mexican, TexMex

Monday 10:45 - 09:00
Tuesday 10:45 - 09:00
Wednesday 10:45 - 09:00
Thursday 10:45 - 09:00
Friday 10:45 - 09:00
Saturday 11:00 - 09:00
Sunday 11:00 - 09:00

Hacienda (Grape Road) is participating in 99 CENT DELIVERY THROUGHOUT JULY! This means delivery fees start at ONLY 99 CENTS for orders where subtotal is $25 or more. Delivery fees based on distance. Discount will apply automatically when your subtotal reaches $25.

This restaurant is not available for delivery at your requested delivery time. Please sign in and set your delivery time to a future date/time that the restaurant is available.

The soonest possible delivery time for this restaurant is today at 12:15 PM.

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